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DINNER [Download PDF]


Pretzels | 6

Smoked sea salt, house cheese sauce, stone ground mustard

Calamari | 9

Blue Corn meal and Szechuan peppercorn dusted, red chili sweet and sour sauce
Mason Jar | 5

House-brined pickles & vegetables

Pub Chips | 7

Blue cheese, pork belly, Mornay,  shaved scallions

Substitute fries +2

Sliders | 9

House grind, white cheddar, bacon, house-pickled jalapeños
Mussels | 14 add fries +4

Garlic, shallot, house-made chorizo, pinot grigio, fresh lemon, cilantro

Oysters| Market Price

Seasonal selection, ask your server, horseradish root mignonette, house cocktail, lemon

Artisan Cheese Board | 15

Saint Agur, Celtic Porter, Dorothea Potato Gouda, crusty bread, cornichon, warm olives

House Meats | 12

House assortment, butchers butter, crusty bread


Hummus | 10 add grilled chicken +4

Curry eggplant, Feta, Wilcox tomato, cucumber, marinated peppers, olives, grilled flatbread

Add fresh market vegetables +4

Potsticker | 9

Lump crab, PR pork belly, charred scallion, smashed ginger cream cheese, cranberry gastrique



(Add Grilled Chicken + 4, Steak + 5, Shrimp + 6, Mahi mahi +11)

Wedge | 9

Seared pork belly, pickled onion, Willcox tomato, Stilton vinaigrette

Spinach | 9

Frisée, candied pecans, roasted apple, goat cheese fritter, beets, balsamic vinaigrette
Caesar | 7

Crispy romaine, crouton, aged parmesan
Mediterranean| 9

Arugula, marinated tomato, curried falafel, black currant, quick pickled cucumber, Kalamata olives, yogurt vinaigrette
Kale | 9

Roasted beets, feta, cider onions, cranberry, AZ Honey and toasted walnut vinaigrette


Yesterday’s Soup | 6oz cup – 6 | 10oz bowl -9

Much better today

Chicken and Dumpling  | 8

Pulled chicken, mirepoix, biscuit dumpling


(Gluten-free crust + 2)

Pesto | 12

Roasted chicken, house smoked mozzarella, pork belly, marinated tomato, balsamic reduction

Celtic| 13

Porter cheddar, brie, fennel sausage, red sauce, baby spinach, three olive blend

Goat | 12

Prosciutto, crimini mushroom, shaved garlic, arugula, fresh thyme juice

Union Mozz | 9

House mozzarella, aged provolone, chevre, shaved Parmesan, red sauce, torn basil

Pepperoni | 10

Pepperoni and provolone, house mozzarella, red sauce

Leek | 11

House Mornay, aged white cheddar, EVOO, Parmesan crusted



Pot au Feu  | 20

Slow braised short rib, market carrot, roasted shallot, grilled leek, red potato, rosemary broth

Salmon | 26

Parmesan barley risotto, broccolini, market arugula and hazelnut salad, sage fortified molasses

Osso Buco | 22

Slow braised pork, San Marzano tomato, thyme stewed white bean, braised kale, porcini pan sauce

NY Strip | 29

Dry Aged, hand- cut steak fries, roasted garlic creamed spinach, pulverized horseradish butter

Union Burger | 12

Union house grind, Red Dragon English cheddar, pickled onion, arugula, bacon jam, house made bun

Venison| 28

Whipped Russet Potato, market vegetables, blueberry demi glace

Pot Pie | 14

Roasted chicken, red potato, market carrot, roasted garlic, English pea, sage, leek crema (choice of Caeser or green salad)

Gnudi| 14
Roasted winter squash, pepitas, kale, Parmesan, brown butter

Chicken & Waffles | 15

Buttermilk fried chicken, white corn and sage waffle, bacon-infused maple syrup, hot sauce

Fish & Chips | 13

Beer-battered arctic cod, Union house fries, malt vinegar tartar, slaw



Grilled Seasonal Vegetables | 4
Fries | 4

Hand punched Kennebec

bbB | 5

Brussels sprouts, beets, bacon, honey

Mac & Cheese | 6

Add bacon– 3 short rib – 4 roasted chicken – 2  lobster – 7

Baked cavatappi, leek crema, white cheddar, hand-cracked peppered crust

O-Rings | 7

Shoe string onion, smoked tomato and horseradish remoulade