** Launching February 2, 2020 **

Rules and Grounds for Disqualification of the 10 Whiskey Fire Wing Challenge

• You must eat 10 chicken wings in 10 minutes 

• All wings must be clean of meat 

• There is a 5-minute after-burn period after completion 

• You must stay seated for the full duration of the challenge 

• You must eat the chicken wings off the bone (no picking the meat off) 

• You must not drink during the challenge and during the after-burn time 

• You must use your fingers to eat the wings 

• Gloves must be worn during the challenge 

• You may not wipe the sauce off the chicken wings 

• You must complete and sign the disclaimer prior to the challenge 

• You cannot start the challenge prior to the starting signal 

• You cannot wipe your mouth with any form of cloth or clothing including napkins during the challenge 

• You cannot go to the bathroom 

• The challenge must be witnessed and timed by an authorized judge 

• You agree that any photos taken during the challenge can be used on Union Public House social media pages (win or lose) 

• Any increase in sexual performance after the challenge is purely coincidental 

• Vomiting will result in instant disqualification and total shame 

• Remember, you agreed to do the challenge. Don’t blame anyone else

• Have you made a will? 

• Good Luck. You are going to need it

Your wings are FREE...plus you get a Union t-shirt and certificate.

You will pay $20 if you do not complete the challenge,